Addiction recoverY program



Sober Living

This phase provides continued treatment and ongoing support through Certified Peer Mentor Specialists, utilizing the Social Model of treatment that emphasizes a sober living environment, peer counseling and case management. Residents will provide each other with a culture of recovery, support, sharing and positive role modeling and are expected to be involved in the external community (through work, education, volunteer activities, etc.) Job placement resources and support are available as residents transition out of the program.

phase 3


Professional Services Include:

  • Individual Therapy (bi-weekly as needed)
  • APRN available
  • Targeted Case Management
  • Peer Support Individual (Twice a week for the first 2 weeks)
  • Peer Support Individual (Once a week for the last 4 weeks)
  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Discharge Planning

Other Services Include:

  • Transportation
  • Weekly In-house Community meeting
  • Randomized drug screening
  • Weekly Church services and Bible studies
  • Weekly Community Recovery groups (AA/NA/CR)
  • Weekly Community Recovery groups (AA/NA/CR)
  • Internships & on the job training

Our mission is simple. We are a beautiful people-centered, life giving addiction treatment center in Central KY, where the overdose mortality rate has increased over 50%. We treat over 400 clients per year through our dynamic recovery programs that now serve both male and female clients. We do this by creating a safe and welcoming environment where persons suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can find help, freedom and purpose for their lives. We are so grateful for this unique opportunity to bring awareness to this vital work.