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Thanks to our generous donors, Revive has helped over three thousand men build a better life for themselves and their loved ones. With your support, we can help even more men revive their life’s purpose.

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Too many treatment centers focus more on the facility itself rather than on providing effective care. Even worse, many centers default to medical treatment without truly evaluating the right course for the individual resident.


Not Revive. We believe our residents deserve a clean, comfortable, affordable facility where they can work toward rehabilitation. But our main focus is on the inner work, helping men recognize the underlying causes of their addiction and finding constructive ways of overcoming them.


Revive Life House addiction recovery program’s mission partners with individuals, families, and communities, connecting them to a Christ-centered, holistic long-term treatment center for men in Nicholasville.

Our vision as a faith-based, Christ-centered, vibrant organization means we are committed to delivering outstanding care with ongoing collaboration with our recovery-based community.

Revive Life House values integrity and respect for those struggling with addiction. This is done under the umbrella Revive Ministries, a 4-pillar non-profit organization founded on directing people back to the heart of God through missional living caring for one another in community.



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