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Before coming to Revive, life had become unbearable with little hope of it ever getting better. After years of IV drug use, I had become miserable in my own skin and had pushed away everyone who ever truly loved me. I had been in and out of treatment since I was old enough to attend. I had lost all hope and had settled into the fact that I was always going to be a drug addict. I was sitting in Montgomery Co Jail when a bed opened up at Revive Life House, and on July 13, 2018, I walked into my 8th treatment center.
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This program has changed my life from the day I came in. I was pretty nervous when I came through the door. I had been through multiple treatment centers and just wasn’t getting it. And from the time–the peace that I could feel when I came through the door here–was just amazing. The staff–they love you back to life and with me, I was ready for a better life and that’s what I have now and I’m thankful for that.
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It started when I was young. My parents were very large crack cocaine dealers. But they were also users. My parents were busted by the authorities when I was eight years old. I was taken away by CPS, and my grandmother got custody of me. I lived with my grandmother until I was 14.
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In December of 2016, I had just committed a first-degree armed robbery. I was at the lowest part of my addiction, so I ran from these charges for two years with depression, anxiety, paranoia, and fear in every thought I had. In 2018, tired of running, I turned myself in for these charges. Seeing the video of how messed up I was during the robbery is what made me ask the judge for treatment. Revive was the only place I wanted to go.
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Life started well for me; I come from a good home with loving parents. Despite this, I always felt like I was entitled to more than I had been gifted. This desire for more drove me to compare myself against others constantly. Once my brothers moved out, I felt abandoned. I started to search for people who could always hang out. I now see how codependent I was, which led me to try to fit in with all the wrong people. I turned to drugs and alcohol to fit in, and before long, I would use every chance I got. 
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“Their program is a well structured one geared at not just reforming from drug tendencies but also producing people who can sufficiently take care of themselves and their families.”


“I am grateful for my time at revive. Everyone was really nice and I learned so much.”


In the Revive Life House addiction recovery program, clients will spend part of their time understanding and knowing that God cares for them, is here for them, and longs to have a relationship with them. Clients will come to know and learn what it truly means to belong to God and one another. We focus heavily on our core value of being a Christ-centered addiction recovery program. However, we also know that there are equally important factors when it comes to treatment. That is why we offer these services within both of our residential and outpatient facilities.