1400+ lives restored with Revive’s help


Before coming to Revive, life had become unbearable with little hope of it ever getting better. After years of IV drug use, I had become miserable in my own skin and had pushed away everyone who ever truly loved me. I had been in and out of treatment since I was old enough to attend. I had lost all hope and had settled into the fact that I was always going to be a drug addict. I was sitting in Montgomery Co Jail when a bed opened up at Revive Life House, and on July 13, 2018, I walked into my 8th treatment center.
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I grew up in Louisville, KY. My struggle began in my early teens, binge drinking and smoking pot. I had burnt all bridges and had nowhere else to go. To be honest, it was either go to Revive or live under a bridge.Read more


I was born and raised here in Jessamine County. My struggle began really early. I first started using drugs at 13, and then from 15 until just a little over a year ago was using every day. It started as smoking weed, then prescription pain pills which lead to heroin and meth. I was in and out of jail, never really seeking help until I was mentally incapable of successfully doing anything for myself.
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I spent nearly 20 years of my life in active addiction. A little over 6 years ago, I found myself at my lowest — my bottom. I was working as a nurse and was taking care of a lot of people who were just like me, but they weren’t hiding behind a career. This really compounded my self-loathing and made me feel like the biggest hypocrite ever. I lied to my family and friends and isolated myself from them. I cared for my patients while impaired. I hated myself and who I had become.
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“Their program is a well structured one geared at not just reforming from drug tendencies but also producing people who can sufficiently take care of themselves and their families.”


“I am grateful for my time at revive. Everyone was really nice and I learned so much.”


Our mission is simple. We are a dynamic recovery program that restores lives through an inward journey leading to lifelong wholeness. We do this by creating a safe and welcoming environment where persons suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can find help, freedom and purpose for their lives as we have since opening in 2016.