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A life affected by addiction is hard but not hopeless. With the right treatment, you can experience restoration and start building a better life. You can feel confident that Revive Life House’s program is based on proven treatment models as well as compassion and respect for our clients much like God’s unconditional love for us all. Learn more about our admission procedures for our three-phase program, and our Outpatient Center by using the buttons below.

In the Revive Life House addiction recovery program, clients will spend part of their time understanding and knowing that God cares for them, is here for them, and longs to have a relationship with them. Clients will come to know and learn what it truly means to belong to God and one another. We focus heavily on our core value of being a Christ-centered addiction recovery program. However, we also know that there are equally important factors when it comes to treatment. That is why we offer these services within both of our residential and outpatient facilities.