Important Information for Revive Life House familIes


To facilitate a successful addiction recovery program, it is important for family members to understand that we are in this battle for sobriety for your loved one together. There are certain things that we ask you to do and not to do, all in an effort to assist in the client’s journey to recovery from the grips of addiction.

We do ask for a written testimony concerning how your life has been throughout the process of addiction and the effects it has had on you and those around you. Please be specific and share with honesty any feelings that this time has invoked. Many addicts do not see that there is pain inflicted on anyone except themselves.

We ask that you trust the staff over the client concerning their addiction. While the journey to defeating addiction can be a long one, we ask that you trust our decisions as to when the resident will be ready to go to work, make/receive phone calls, onsite or home visits, corrections and/or disciplinary action, and when they will be ready for release. Those who are undergoing treatment in our addiction recovery program must see the staff and family as a 100% unified front that will not be manipulated by the addiction behaviors of the resident. For instance, it is very important that we prevent playing one side against the other, and any additional emotional manipulations they may attempt.

We ask that you always report any unauthorized contact. This includes phone calls from a resident that originate any place other than Revive Life House. Additionally, without the prior arrangement with a case manager or staff member, these contact attempts should be treated as suspect and reported as such.

It is important to inform Revive Life House of all accounts in the client’s name. This includes banking, credit cards, or loans. To assist the resident in keeping up with their financial responsibilities, please change their mailing address to Revive Life House.

In order for us to help we must know the whole situation that has developed.

Please do not encourage disobedience.

In the Revive Life House addiction recovery program, clients will spend part of their time understanding and knowing that God cares for them, is here for them, and longs to have a relationship with them. Clients will come to know and learn what it truly means to belong to God and one another. We focus heavily on our core value of being a Christ-centered addiction recovery program. However, we also know that there are equally important factors when it comes to treatment. That is why we offer these services within both of our residential and outpatient facilities.