Phase IV of Revive Life House’s Addiction Recovery Program

Months 8-12

Sober Living Homes & Transitional Living Model Phase

Phase IV of Revive Life House’s addiction recovery program is based on the Sober Living Homes & Transitional Living model that will allow men to continue to establish independence and learn how to live in sobriety while still working, paying rent and continuing to establish themselves in the community,

Phase IV of Revive Life House’s addiction recovery program is comprised of the following:

– Access to individual counseling and case management as requested by client

– May remain employee of Revive Ministries or Revive Temp to Work Referral or seek other employment

– Must be working 40 hours per week

– Provide proof of regular attendance at a recovery meeting weekly

– Working 40 hour per week

– All clients are required to pay $120 per week for rent, utilities and submit to random drug testing

Social Model/ Sober Living Homes program emphasizes a sober living environment, peer counseling and case management. The emphasis of these programs is to assist residents to provide themselves and each other with a culture of recovery, support, sharing and positive role modeling. Residents are expected to be involved in the external community (through work, education, volunteer activities, etc.).  This is done with helping persons to understand independence is important but interdependence on each other for continued sobriety is the key to living full and successful lives in Christ.

SLHs (Sober Living Homes) are alcohol and drug free living environments for individuals attempting to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs. They offer no formal treatment but either mandate or strongly encourage attendance at 12-step groups. SLHs have been important resources for individuals completing residential treatment, attending outpatient programs, leaving incarceration or seeking alternatives to formal treatment.

Because they do not offer formal treatment services, they are not monitored by state licensing agencies. However, many sober living homes are members of SLH coalitions or associations that monitor health, safety, quality, and adherence to a social model philosophy of recovery that emphasizes 12-step group involvement and peer support.

Eligibility: client must be graduate of first three phases of treatment from Revive Life House/Revive Ministries.

The Mission of Revive Life House

Revive Life House addiction recovery program’s mission partners with individuals, families, and communities, connecting them to a Christ-centered, holistic long-term treatment center for men in Nicholasville. Our vision as a faith-based, Christ-centered, vibrant organization means we are committed to delivering outstanding care with ongoing collaboration with our recovery-based community. Revive Life House values integrity and respect for those struggling with addiction.  We do this under the umbrella Revive Ministries, a 4-point non-profit organization founded on directing people back to the Father’s heart through a missional movement.

Our Services

  • Individual and group counseling with licensed clinicians
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Case management
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Medical assessment and ongoing evaluations with our nurse practitioner
  • Exercise routine
  • Transportation as needed
  • Celebrate recovery 12-Steps
  • Family program sessions
  • Discharge/Relapse prevention planning