Phase III (Months 5-7)

Therapeutic Community Treatment Model  

Transitional Living Work Ready Phase

Phase III (Months 5-7) of Revive Life house is a blend of the Therapeutic Community Treatment Model / Social Model of Change that incorporates a Transitional / Work Ready model that will employ men and take them through Jobs for Life along with other program requirements. The Therapeutic Community provides a highly structured environment that emphasizes resident treatment and recovery within the parameters of the program structure. The residents take an active role in this mode of treatment helping them to take responsibilities and become positive role models.

This is done in conjunction with the Social / Sober Living Model emphasizing a sober living environment, peer counseling and/ or community supports and case management. The emphasis of these programs is to assist residents to provide each other with a culture of recovery, support, sharing and positive role modeling. Residents are expected to be involved in the external community (through work, education, volunteer activities, etc.)

These Therapeutic Communities (TCs) have a recovery orientation, focusing on the whole person and overall lifestyle changes, not simply abstinence from drug use. This orientation acknowledges the chronic, relapsing nature of substance use disorders (SUDs) and holds the view that lapses are opportunities for learning.  Recovery is seen as a gradual, ongoing process of cognitive change through clinical interventions, and it is expected that it will take time for program participants to advance through the stages of treatment, setting personal objectives along the way.   This is accomplished while living in the community while being supervised by staff and working 40 hours per week.  They will be allowed increasing levels of independence during this time frame.

Our Phase 3 program is comprised of the following:

  • Peer Support 1-2 days per week, 2-3 hours per day
  • Targeted Case Management 1x per week
  • Job Skills Training / Working with community partners to learn soft skills for job placement
  • 1-2 hours of individual clinical as deemed necessary or clinically relevant
  • Becomes an employee of Revive Ministries or Revive Temp to Work Referral (internal and external agency partners are utilized)
  • Working 40 hour per week
  • All clients are required to pay $120 per week for rent, utilities and submit to random drug testing

Eligibility: client must be graduate of first 2 Phases of treatment from Revive Life House/ Revive Ministries.